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The Opportunity

Net's Edge will provide fuel free electrical generation to both off grid and grid tie solutions, directly competing with the solar photovoltaic industry for residential deployments, providing for lower upfront investment, longer equipment lifespans, more consistent power generation, and lower costs per kilowatt hour of power generation.

The Technology

  PrimePower conversion of natural energy sources like solar or geothermal power is converted to mechanical power through a unique Thermal Hydraulic Engine. The Net's Edge PrimePower electric generation source runs on hot water and generates electricity for your home with surplus electricity sold back to the electric utility. 

Your Solution

Net's Edge programs available for your 24/7 year-round electric needs. Let us install and provide very low cost electricity to your home or buy a system and share on income from electricity sold back to the utility. Architecturally designed to take advantage of all the solar power on your property. 

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